Fall is my favorite!

Crisp air, cool evenings, falling leaves and pumpkin - these are all some of the greatest parts of fall in my book! 

My birthday is in October so every year for my birthday outing I pick to spend the day at a pumpkin patch. I love wandering through the rows of pumpkins to find the perfect collection for my front porch. My kids love riding in the wagon with the pumpkins, until we pick too many and they have to walk back! The pumpkin patch is just one of many fall activities that I love - here is a list of all of my faves!

Top 10 Fall Activities:

1. Go to a pumpkin patch

2. Try pumpkin bread at all of my local bakeries to find the best one

3. Create my front porch fall display with pumpkins, mums and rocking chairs

4. Enjoy pumpkin spice EVERYTHING - coffee, granola bars, cheesecake, candles, etc.

5. Take family photos with beautiful changing leaves in the background (see attached photo from last year - may or may not have been a fail!)

6. Buy a new outfit - boots, sweater, scarf - everything cozy!

7. Make soup for dinner (most nights, lol!)

8. Plant flower bulbs for the Spring - what a great surprise!

9. Try a new apple recipe. These Apple Fritters are seriously the best I've ever had! (No affiliation, just a fan of these yummy treats!)

10. Take a minute to soak it all in.

Life can be so crazy sometimes and it's easy for it to slip by in a blink. I really try to stop and enjoy all aspects - big, small, easy, crazy - and everything in between! Season changes are a perfect reminder of how quickly life can change and that we need to soak it all in. 

I hope you find something great to try from this list!

Happy fall y'all - Andi

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